So you want some vitals?  Sure.  I was born and raised on Cape Breton Island, which is on the northern tip of Nova Scotia.  Not much goes on there, but on the plus side, everyone is hilarious.

It was me and four brothers.  My mother was a Catholic nun before she married my father, who was a public high school teacher - at my high school.  Really, the material writes itself.

I have a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Radio and Television from Ryerson University.  Yes, that is absolutely a real thing.

I have always dreamed of being an actor, so naturally I went into advertising.  I was an award winning copywriter with over two decades in the business. I actually started my acting life in commercials, doing voice over work while continuing to write them. I even directed commercials for a while, but I couldn’t deny it any more. I was supposed to be an actor.

I took up improv like a fiend, I devoured acting classes, and I got to work.

My credits include Hot Zone: Anthrax (Disney +) , Chucky (USA Network) (A Teacher (FX), Kim’s Convenience (CBC), Letters to Satan Claus (Space), Suits (USA), Saving Hope (CTV/NBC), Rookie Blue (Global/ABC), and Flashpoint (CBS) just to name a few. 

I was the spokes person for Spectrum Business internet provider in the states and I’ve done so many commercials that every time I get asked, “Hey are you that woman in that commercial?”, my answer is, “Probably.”

I also have a son who I am quite fond of. And an excellent dog. And I live in Toronto. That is all.

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