About Jana

So you want some vitals?  Sure.  I was born and raised on Cape Breton Island, which is on the northern tip of Nova Scotia.  Not much goes on there, but on the plus side, everyone is hilarious.

It was me and four brothers.  My mother was a Catholic nun before she married my father, who was a public high school teacher - at my high school.  Really, the material writes itself.

I have a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Radio and Television from Ryerson University.  Yes, that is absolutely a real thing.

I have always dreamed of being an actor, so naturally I went into advertising.  I'm an award winning copywriter with over two decades in the business. I actually started my acting life with commercials, doing voice over work, while continuing to write them.

Despite ad-land being good, I was unsatisfied on the job front, so I tried directing commercials for a while. Even though I loved both production and post-production, I mostly liked talking to the actors.  A lot.  

I couldn't deny it anymore. I was supposed to be an actor.

I found improv classes. Lots and lots of improv classes. Which led to acting classes. Lots and lots of acting classes. Which led to me getting an agent, and wouldn't you know it, getting on TV.

I've been in numerous commercials from Ikea and Tim Hortons to Home Depot and Walmart, just to name a few.  I've appeared in several TV dramas including  Suits, Rookie Blue, Flashpoint, Saving Hope, The Listener, Degrassi and in  the rom-com film No Stranger than Love with Alison Brie and Colin Hanks. I was cast in a leading role in the CBC pilot Fancy and a recurring role in Nickleodeon's Max and Shred. I also wrote and directed the comedic short Cynthia's Week which aired on the Comedy Network.

It may be because I got into the acting game late in life, but I've never been more passionate about anything. I still improvise, still go to class, sometimes I do stand up and I often write things that will hopefully give me even more opportunity to act. I'm really, really into it is my point.

I also have a son who I am quite fond of. And I live in Toronto. That is all.

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